20 Dog Play Pen Ideas


A dog play pen or exercise pen is a portable indoor fence for dogs and is incredibly useful addition to your home. With it you can stop bad habits, reinforce good habits and prevent accidents. Here are 20 great uses of puppy play pens:


  1. To help a puppy settle down and fall asleep.
  2. To teach the puppy how to spend some time on his own which prevents anxiety when you need to leave.
  3. To help with teaching the puppy not to bite – all you need to do is play with your pup inside the dog play pen and when he bites you, yelp and step outside for 10 seconds. Then repeat. After a few days you will notice that puppy bites less and less, because he doesn’t want play to stop.
  4. For easier potty training (if you intend to provide indoor potty area) – simply put potty area in the dog play pen and help pup understand what to do by placing him in the potty area whenever he starts to sniff around and looks like he has to go. Since he will spend a lot of time in the play pen, his potty area will always be just a few steps away. curious incident play
  5. To teach basic commands – if you always train him in play pen, puppy soon begins to associate that place with learning, which means that he will pay more attention and learn quicker there. Just make sure that once he knows a command you also practice it without the exercise pen in different rooms of the house and then also outside.
  6. To keep the dog from chewing furniture and plants.
  7. To keep the dog from getting underfoot while cooking.
  8. If you have children you can put the dog in the exercise pen whenever you cannot supervise interaction between a child and the dog. This is much safer than letting them play on their own, even if you are in the same room.
  9. To teach puppy that whining, barking or biting trousers doesn’t get attention; being quiet does. To do this, simply turn away and don’t talk to your pup while he’s demanding attention in his dog play pen. But when he is quiet and playing by himself, praise him, give him treats, take him out for a cuddle, play with him… whatever makes him happy.
  10. To separate two dogs if they get too rowdy or aggressive.
  11. To teach dog that being calm makes good things happen.
  12. To prevent jumping up on visitors. If your puppy or dog gets very excited around visitors, you can put him in dog play pen and give visitors treats that they can give him IF he is sitting politely in there. If he is too excited to sit, they can try again in half an hour when puppy calms down a bit. If you want to teach puppy not to jump on people make sure they also don’t pet him if he is not sitting. To set your pup up for success, prepare him for the visit a week or two in advance by stopping by dog play pen occasionally, asking him to sit and giving a treat. Do not pet him if he is not sitting. This way he will start to make a connection in his head that it is a good idea to sit when someone stops by.
  13. So you can open the front door confidently without a need to wedge a leg there so that pup wouldn’t escape.
  14. To take dog to work. Why not? If your pooch is used to being in playpen at home you will be able to work undisturbed and have your furry friend at your side.


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